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Our Diwali Special Package is the perfect way to celebrate Diwali this 2020! Treat your loved ones with 3 boxes full of the finest sweets and treats, from crispy pistachio baklava to mouth-watering pomegranate flavoured turkish delights. This package includes all 3 luxurious boxes shown, each bursting with its own flavours. to make the package extra special, add a Rangoli and/or Candle holders.

All Produce is Vegetarian and Egg Free!

Package includes:

Main Package: Cashew and Pistachio stuffed shell baklava, Pomegranate and mint flavoured Turkish delight, Dried kiwi, Honey glazed mixed nuts.

Orange Package: Honey roasted Cashews, Almonds, Pecans and Peanuts.

Red package: Chili Cashews, Smoked and Spicy Almonds, Chili corn

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