The Alwan brand was Established in the 1950s, and has expanded globally ever since. From the day the first Alwan stall was set up, the needs of our customers has been our number one priority. This value is deep rooted in everything we do and insures we provide service and products that leave every customer with a smile.

Serving a luxurious range of the finest Arabian Sweets and a unique variety of nuts. Alwan Sweets and Nuts gives every customer a taste of the finer things in life. From fresh Baklava filled with the rich pistachio, to Turkish delight oozing with flavour.

At Alwan, the Taste is everything! Our tried and tested secret recipe is guaranteed to impress. Whether simply treating your family for a night in or catering for your big day, the mouth-watering flavours will make every moment one to remember.

Whether dealing with individual customers or our partners, Honesty is integral to the way we do business. We believe in cultivating an environment of trust and providing products of the highest quality every time leading to long term customer satisfaction and confidence.